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Our mission is to be the company of choice for insurance and other financial products and services while maintaining superior financial strength. Our insurance products and services are backed by a solemn promise. A Promise of: Financial security and protection for our clients commitment and fairness to our team members and opportunity for our employees Increasing value and reward for our customers.We are committed to bringing top quality services, as we will remain flexible and innovative so we are able to address the changing needs of our customers. Get the maximum refund you deserve from experienced tax experts at JM Financial Edge Inc.




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Mozar Security School

Mozar Security School is looking to train well-bodied and able individuals concerning matters of public safety. We offer courses to individuals across all fields and professions, such as emergency first responders, health professionals, the general public, and so forth.

Alliance Training Center

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Hot Chick Swimwear

Exquisite beach lifestyles and convention styles, Hot Chick Swimwear is an exclusive brand and a trend setter. Our swimwear are simply stunning and outrageously gorgeous. Exuding of elegance and sophistication.